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After 5 years of development on BestPhotos, I've made the difficult decision to move on. Here's the timeline of how BestPhotos will shut down:


I think there's never been a better time to run a business selling services through Apple's App Store, particularly for small businesses. If you can make something people are willing to pay a recurring subscription for, you can build a sustainable business. But rather than turning BestPhotos into a subscription business, I've decided that I want to focus on my YouTube channel talking about Apple and smart home tech. This was a very difficult decision that took many weeks to make.

Suggested Alternatives:

If you are looking for good alternatives to BestPhotos here are some apps I would recommend:

Can I get a refund?

Not from me. If you purchased any upgrades in BestPhotos recently, you can request a refund from Apple. You will still be able to use BestPhotos until at least 2/1/2023, giving you time make use of your past purchases, reconsider your workflow, and transition to another app when it makes sense for you.

Is BestPhotos as a business open to acquisition?

Absolutely not. No.

The backstory

Shutting down BestPhotos was a very difficult decision that took a long time to make. I made a video about the process of getting there.